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Endurance Enterprises, Inc. is a lifestyle marketing, distribution and sales company. We specialize in promoting, enhancing and increasing the sales of our client's lifestyle brands by developing an enduring dialogue with their end users and the merchants that service them.

We initiate this discourse by participating in and sponsoring the lifestyle
events in which their consumers partake. This creates a position of instant
exposure, credibility, respect and brand recognition that we turn into an
ongoing conversation by providing the consumer with timely, helpful,
inspirational, motivational and educational services designed to enhance the
consumer's lifestyle.

The ongoing communication, created by Endurance Enterprises on behalf
of our clients, establishes their brands, services and products as meaningful
and valuable parts of the end users everyday lives. This open, trusting and
enduring two-way relationship creates an enthusiastic constomer base which
very loyally and enthusiastically purchases the brands and products we market, distribute and sell.

If you are dealer interested in one of our product lines please complete this 3 question dealer interest form .



              Endurance Enterprises, Inc. PO Box 2810 Sun Valley, Idaho 83353

              phone (406) 585-2660